Hernán has been an enthusiast of Cybersecurity since he was 13, avid BBSs reader and participant across the world. His passion never stopped, and he continued learning about this area during his career.

  • During his time with Keycom S.A. Telematica, in the 90’s, he was already providing advise to his Telecom clients on network security (LANtastic, Novell). During the spread of the first massive virus Michelangelo in 1992, he distributed among his clients and business partners over 3,000 diskettes with free antivirus to support their operations. He became an advocate of intrusion prevention and security rules.
  • At Comsat Argentina/Lockheed Martin Global Telecom, Hernán’s responsibilities included long distance & Toll Free fraud on behalf of the region.
  • With MTS Allstream, one of his roles included Toll Fraud analysis and prevention, working with multidisciplinary teams in prevention and forensic investigations after clients were compromised. 
  • At the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, security was paramount, including in every Innovation project staff and support from the Information Security and Audit teams.
  • With his current practice, Hernán advocates against Telecom fraud, best practices, Open Source Intelligence and reputation risks. 

Hernán continued his interest in this area, and has been participating in trainings, seminars, online presentations and industry meetings, and is currently enrolled in Harvard’s VPAL Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age.