A proven methodology to research, identify and evaluate new ideas for your business, delivered one on one by Hernán Popper, an expert in Innovation, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

At the end of our two hour workshop, you will receive a number of valuable ideas and opportunities for

  •  Product/service offering enhancements,
  •  Risks mitigation,
  •  Processes improvements, and/or
  •  New, fresh perspectives on old problems.

Each workshop is customized to your business specific needs, leveraging different Innovation tools, and no two workshops are ever the same.

Innovation Workshop Process:

Innovation Process


Secure and Trustworthy:

Trust and Confidentiality are the ultimate mandate for all consulting engagements. We can secure this requirement by offering:

  • Non Disclosure Agreement available upon request
  • Your business owns the Intellectual Property on all ideas


Best of all worlds:

Low Risk + High Value = Immediate return on your investment